Friday, December 9, 2011

K-ON!! MOD (Wallpapers)

Hi guys, i'm happy because Yui just win the poll :D That's truly amazing. I like her so much, when i see k-on!! i just want to get into the tv and give a big embrace to Yui, for some reason i find her soft *-*! wanna touch her =3.

Well as you know, i'm a bit bored of this, create models is so annoyin, and don't even mention it when it has some stupid bug.  I'll be honest, i'm playing a online RPG called "Grand Fantasia" and that's why i'm leaving this blog a bit. That's not mean i will close it or something, but just left it a bit.

I will tell it AGAIN: DON'T ASK ME NOTHING, if you do I will just ignore it. THANKS


The last day i was thinking that i'm not upload nothing to customize gta sa (except skins). So this time i'll give you something really special, Is a pack of K-ON!! wallpapers, chosen by me :). All have a good quality. So i really hope you like it.

This is the preview:

All the wallpapers were customize by me with PHOTOSHOP. So i really hope you like it and comment ;)

Just remplaze the files (Remenber do a backup always when you will customize or chance something)


K-ON!! Wallpapers


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  2. thanks for everything man you really made my dreams came true every mod you made is just awesome, i hope to see more of your work soon, i know how hard is to make models and i think everyone needs to take a break once in a while, well see u later friend ;).

  3. Thank you Crazy Boy, hehe that's right. Well friend hope you're well and happy christmas ¡¡ :D

  4. Una pregunta...

    Este mod sólo reemplaza la pantalla de inicio del GTA-SA o también las loadscreens del juego?

    Está muy bueno. Saludos! \(^-^)/

    PD: Podría sugerir un mod de loadscreens de Vocaloid, yo creo que a todos les va a gustar.

  5. genial blog :D
    como me gustaron sus skin de vocaloid Encyclo Master :3
    que mal que no haya hecho mas ya que estan xidos y me hicieron que me gustara GTA SA :3]
    asi que muchisimas gracias o w o
    un agradecimiento a usted y a los que le ayudaron a hacer todos los skin
    y si nadie le ayudo muchas felicidades :D ya que estan geniales