Monday, November 21, 2011

Akita Neru


This model was a bit hard to make it, so i hope you like it and comment

Emm... I am extreme sure you'll find a little big surprise with this model, when you see it, i hope you won't do nothing bad with it...

Without ENB Series


Mediafire: Akita Neru by Encyclo

Megaupload: Akita Neru by Encyclo

pass: akitanerubyencyclo

Enjoy ;D!

TAGS: Akita Neru GTA SA, gta sa neru vocaloid, gta sa anime, anime peds, anime models, vocaloid models


  1. Felicitaciones, yo ya lo descargué y debo decir que quedó muy bueno :)

    Por cierto te quería encargar un modelo: Akemi Homura del anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

    Foto del personaje:

    Y el link del modelo 3D del MMD:

    Esta es la página:

    Saludos y gracias por tus modelos!

  2. man you are the best thanks for all the models! ;)

  3. Thank you 2 all :D! Love you guys n.n

    Gracias a todos :D! Los quiero chicos/as


    Gracias Nakasuke, tendré en cuenta tu petición pero por ahora no la puedo hacer, espero que en lo que salga de vacaciones me den ganas y animos para seguir con esto.


  4. Tranquilo, no hay prisa, no eres el único que está asi a estas alturas del año jeje.


  5. akita neru.. :) thanks, and amazing as always... 1 more collection to my Vocaloid mods... thank u, waiting for kamui and kiyoteru ;)

    ah... and i wonder... hirasawa ui... she's cute, so why dont u make her mod? i've waiting for a long time and i forgot it already... ;)
    so... 1 request for ui-chan~...

  6. bonjour je cherche tou les manga qui chanten

  7. Nice Models. Uhh I have a problem, i think i got a problem with akita, because when i try to select her in skin selector, she didnt show, like it just skip to my next character, help...

  8. Can you do a skin mod on that red haired guy? Thanks :D

  9. I have same problem with (-Radiden-). It doesn't show up on Skin Selector. What am I missing? I really want to use her... :(

  10. umm wheres her um well you know but awsome mod though

  11. how do you get the mod to work?

  12. oye no me sale el skin en el gta me salen todos menos esta por favor ayuda =(

  13. Great work! Btw, where can i get that truck in screenshot 4? It's awsome, and beyond my skill level.

  14. When I downloaded this skin, I installed it and I had the same problem as (-Radiden-). Then I noticed a file saying "Akira" instead of "Akita". What I did was rename the file and I have it. Great job *-* ! This is my favorite skin, and I think it looks better than the other, which are also very good. I hope that's the problem and hopefully it can be resolved. :)
    If the problem lies elsewhere, I honestly could not help :(
    Well, there is another problem: Apparently she has no underwear!! @□@
    Anyway, my most sincere thanks :D

  15. HI THERE. it seems like,you have removed the file from mediafire,(and megaupload is totally busted) so,mind to re-upload it to another file hosting site? :) thank you.

  16. Please send my email that files ㅜㅅㅜ it can't download;;;