Monday, December 12, 2011

Everyone is special in some way, i think everyone is just.. just  he/her, you never see two people exactly equals. That "something" is unique and own just to you.. Like Miku, we know she's not real, but i don't think so, she live, she live into our hearts and that why she is real for us. If someone ask me "Why you like so much such girl? she's even real" I would answer.., well, when i see Miku, i don't see alot of software and programs making noise, i see a cute person and not only for the physical part but her soul too.. i just see a loving and shy girl that is even more pure than the snow... really like it, even when my girlfriend or just a friend ask me "Am i the cute's girl to you?" I say.. you are the second, cause Miku is the most beatiful to me. You can get angry if you want.. but that's what i think (Always they tell me something like stupid or so but that not mean nothing to me).

And by the way, i guess this christmas i'll be alone, cause i haven't girlfriend this time.. is a little sad you know. But i really got something even more important than that, and that's is my family and friends, i'm really lucky to have such people on my life, i don't have too much friends (i know lots of people, but a friend is not just know too much people. To me a friend is someone that you can count on when you need it and never will never deceive on your back), but the few friends i have are just wonderful and i hope i can meet more friends in this way called "life". And i'm sure if you reading this you maybe can be one of them.. in the end "who knows?"

When i was a child, christmas was just the best moment ever and ever and ever.. just waiting for my presents.. the food.. the fireworks.. and sure.. the spirit of christmas, is so exciting. Unafortunately, in my country christmas is not the same it was, but i will never lose that spirit. I love christmas, i love Miku, i love every wonderful thing that exist in this world n.n.

Guys, appreciate the things you have, you will never know if they will be tomorron for you. And to finish this, i want to wish happyness to you, to me, to they, to everything in this time of peace and prosperity!!
I find this beatifull and funny video while i was searching... really i don't remenber ^-^! But is cool i find it... Vocaloid in christmas!!! A beatifull song, hope you like it. So guys, to finish if there something you want to coment, or tell me, or share with all of us it will be good, you are invited and welcome =3


See ya guys... don't let die the most beatifuly station of the year!!!!

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