Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no jikan

Hello world, i want to say something to all of you. I'm sure the most of you are waiting more mod from me, but unafortunately that can't be, i'll let it go. I'm not playin' gta sa anymore i lost all the program that needs to create peds so i think it's all for now.

You all give me around 111.000viewns. When i start to make mods it was complety personal, that means i never think in share it but someday someone ask me for the K-ON! mods so i decide create this blog and share it for everyone, i never thougth i'd get this far. So thanks you, i really appreciate it n_n.

I hate to say good bay, i don't like that, i'll just say "see ya" friends. Thank for all the good things and comments C:


Hola mundo, les queria informar algo a todos. Estoy seguro que algunos esperan mas cosas de mi, pero la verdad no creo que pueda seguir, así que lo dejaré por ahora. No estoy jugando más gta sa, perdí la práctica y algunos programas para seguir haciendolos, aparte que mi único motivo eran crear las chicas K-ON y a H. Miku, esto llego bastante lejos, y pienso que fue algo bueno, pero pienso que es todo por ahora.

Me regalaron alrededor de 111.000 mil visitas, es algo fantastico, aunque quiero que sepan que esto era algo personal al principio, la idea del blog surguio porque cuando luego de meses de fracasar convirtiendo las chicas k-on me pedian mucho que se las compartiera, incluso me llegaron a rogar, asi que decidi crear este blog para compartirlo con ustedes, sin embargo jamás pensé que llegaria tan lejos. Así que gracias, realmente lo aprecio.

La verdad odio decir adios, me pone triste, es de lo peor que hay, y no me gusta despedirme, asi que sólo les dire "los veo" amigos, y gracias por todos los buenos comentarios y agradecimientos que recibi ^^


This mod isn't new, i had this all the time, so i thought in write this with something good. So here is Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no jikan (It looks like in the end you all win followers e.e)

I don't have in-game pic but i remenber she is something like this:

Media fire:


  1. ...hey bro i wish that you could keep up with your mods, i never have seen so much awesome animes mods i know you have your reasons to stop making them, but i'll keep visiting your blog cuz you are my friend ^^, thx for all bro you really are the best modler i have ever seen, see ya next time ;D.

  2. Thank you man! You're welcome anytime ^^

  3. Great mods. <3333
    Can you made Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep? D:

  4. Thanks for your contributions to the modding community. I myself have found life taking me in other directions and mod making has become to time consuming so I can understand how you must feel to step away from doing it. You were an inspiration for myself and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you chose to do in the future. Keep us updated if anything changes, I for one will always stay updated with your blog.

    - Moose

  5. Hey Encyclo... Nice mods do you have here...Please (as i read on your readme) could you make Lucy from Elfen Lied & Light Yagami or L from Death Note ???

    - ryu

    My blog :

  6. Awww :( See you soon, Encyclo.

    But can you at least make us ONE LAST MOD?
    I really want a Kirito skin (from Sword Art Online). It's a pretty famous anime, and so..

    but if you're really leaving, then its okay :)

    See you soon, Encyclo! If you ever come back, we'll always be here to welcome you back :D

  7. Encyclo que tal, queria mencionarte que has hecho muy buenos trabajos para el GTA, en verdad te lo agradezco mucho por los mods... Ojala que este adios no sea el definitivo, gracias por compartir tu trabajo con nosotros

    PD: eL LINk de kokonoe Rin esta eliminado, por favor resubelo


  8. Can you reupload this file :( .. coz' the site is delete in mediafire .. thanks ^^ btw i Like your anime mod .. so CUTE ^^

  9. Buenas, Encyclo, hace tiempo que no pasaba por aca pero no es que me haya olvidado... el punto es que muchas gracias por los aportes colega, un trabajo estupendo y emocionante en cada aporte se agradece colega , y si... como aqui comentan mediafire mando a ser datos sobreescribibles tu aporte... por cierto no se si me equivoque pero este modelo parece salido del Custom Girl, bueno almenos lo parece por la interface, como sea, es un gran modelo...

  10. Yo, ENCYCLO, this link is Invalid, i can't download this mod.

  11. If you need his file, see this thread password is on this blog,

  12. i got the another problem in that page, i press download button and the page say 502 bad gateway, i don't know how to fix this, is there an another download link than gtabba and mediafire?