Saturday, October 8, 2011


The last time i released the snow standar version, but it wasn't pleased me enough, there were some bugs, the legs were too close each other, he was so small, and others minor things. Finally, this Snow 2.0 is around 5 times better than the other one. So here you are

Today, i were working on FFXIII Hope, and i fail. That model got a danm bug in his face when i put he in da game. But thats not all, the alpha channel is bother so hard as always. So, I officialy say "good bye" to FFXIII models. Is a miracle that Snow alpha looks so cool.

Mediafire: SNOW 2.0 (MF)
Megaupload: SNOW 2.0 (MU)

PASS: ffxiiisnow2.0


  1. Greata!! 1 more chara added to my Final fantasy skins collection... thanks man... looking forward for next FF skins... ^^

  2. I like the mod BUT can you please post the lucky star mod pack please!!!!