Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kagamine Len

The Yellow Twins are here!

Looking for Rin?


Enjoy, don't forget to comment!


Kagamine Len by Encyclo

PASS: vocaloidklen

TAGS: Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GTA SA RIN, GTA SA LEN, ENCYCLO MODS, Vocaloid gta sa, mods gta sa.


  1. i think the pass is worong because when i try to extract the file an error mensage is displayed can you fix the pass ? thank you and your blog is awesome i really like your mods ^^

  2. Hi crazy boy, i check up the pass and it's correct, there's nothing wrong, try again. Remenber: vocaloidklen

    I'm glad u like my mods, i do like my mods too ^^. I'm the best modder to me, cause i can do every crazy thing i put in my mind. ^^ Regards.

  3. Riiiinnn...!!! yeah... now the gang is almost complete; thanks dude...

  4. Yay!!! the Vocaloids!!! i've waiting other girls for so long... please, make more of it... ;D i love vocaloid (more than K-ON!!) and would u please upload mikus speedo meter? i think it's cool man... ^~^ and can u please upload the flower garden too? ^3^

    P.S: Well, u think u are the best modder... but let me say sumthing... u're the best anime modder for me... :D so its not just u, who thinks that u're good... me too.. ;)
    and i believe everybody agree with me... but dont be so cocky, just be the normal encyclo.. ;) (i guess its not P.S anymore... well, whatever... ~.~!) keep up the good work!!! itte rasshai!!

  5. @Hi Teddy, Glad you like it ^_^. Almost? Who's lack? xd

    @Hi Eru, glad you think so. You can download the speedometer in "BMW Miku's pack" It's inside, look for it!.

    -My goal isn't only make anime models, i almost finish all my dears with them. I'll look into RE5 models (And guns), DoA models, Tekken Models and some interesting projects, all i need is some holidays.

    -I am the same Encyclo as always, if i say that is because i really think like that. I remenber when i was looking for good models long time ago and i just found out videos and not links, that's why i think i'm my own savior. But that's not mean i don't like or i unrespect the works of other folks. I never thought in that way.


  6. Almost forgot, the flower garden is from a mod called "Oblivion 2010". I warn you that mod needs a powerful computer to can run it. Before i got my videocard i even were able to run it in 5 fps. Now is around 60fps, but you need a good cpu.

  7. @Encyclo

    Thanks for reply... ;)
    - yeah... we share the same pain... looking for models and found the video... without the f!@%$ng link!!! hate those guy... :(
    so ur my saviour too... ;)

    - Dont worry about my specs... my pC never disappoint me... so i guess its okay... ^^
    thanks for info... always love u and ur blog...
    itte rasshai!!

    P.S: im looking for cute cj's (mikus) house... i dont have the result... :(
    whatever... i'll keep looking for it...

  8. @Encyclo It seemed that mediafire blocked your files. Any chance for a mirror?

    1. Hmmm... i try to download it and it works fine. Try again, maybe it was a annoyin error or something ¡

  9. EXcuse me,, link mediafire Invalid or Deleted File.
    can u reupload please tq..