Monday, October 10, 2011

Dante & Nero from DMC4

Ok, in first place i'm really dissapointed. The poll was really poor... just 10 votes =S!. You all surely don't have a mouse too =/!

Dante in his house from Vinewood

Dante gettin' some fun with his bike

Lookin' for Kyrie?

Emm... guess not

Mediafire: DMC 4 PACK

No Pass this time


  1. Finally i waited for this mod sooo long Thx That U Made IT!

  2. You're welcome mate. But i didn't made this, please read the readme. I don't know the original creator.

  3. i dont care who make this... but everything that i didn't find anywhere is here... you just too awesome encyclo... XD keep up the good work...
    dont be depressed if there's no response... just raise ur head and looking forward... bcause anime will never die!!!

  4. jejejej gracias por usar mi velocimetro bro n_n
    pero dime de donde lo sacaste o quien te lo paso
    por que que yo recuerde no eh posteado mis mods si son para que los descargen pero no recuerdo haberlos poteado pero en fin n_n
    muy bueno mods bro sigue asi