Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alicia in wonderland

The Madness returns

Alicia meets Los Santos... and it's not for say "Hello"

She will get her revenge for those who make her crazy

Who will be the next victim?

PD: In my personal opinion, Alice The Madness returns in a exelent game, the graphics are beatifuly, Alice is pretty cute, the gameplay is frenetic and cool, it use the unrealenergy my personal favorite graphic motor, the life time is ok. If you haven't play this game you must run to the shop and buy and play it right now.


PASS: themadnessreturns

Special thanks: To Diego for give the XNAlara script (and the original creator of the script)


  1. jeje yeah a new model of alice...!!! great...!!! thanks encyclo

  2. Gracias por comentar Teddy, me alegro que te guste. El otro día me cabrié porque me tardo horas haciendo estas cosas y ni las gracias dan =X!. Los voy a castigar por una semana sin subir nada =D!

  3. you'r right... she's cute... ^^ but not cute as my kei-chan~... =D i guess peoples was right... love can make someone do a crazy things... like this... tonight i'll celebrate my girlfriend anniversary... hopefully i will get the kiss... XD
    Wish me luck okay...

  4. Lol, who is that Kei chan that u love so much? Some picture? Show me in the chatbox xD. Well, i was reading your profile and i found it interesting. I sure like to talk to you some say in private. Well i'll go to sleep, good bye!

  5. Excelente skin ^w^ de Alicia. Seria posible que lo volviera a subir, llegue un poco tarde no sabia que tenia este skin. Muchas gracias de verdad por poner estos excelentes mods y skin son muy geniales. Saludos =)