Friday, September 30, 2011

From the Snow comes Snow

Snow Villiers meets Los Santos
Snow Villiers llega a Los Santos

For live in peace with his wife Serah...
Para vivir en paz con su esposa Serah...


No all we aspire can be true in some circumstances
No todo lo que aspiramos se vuelve realidad en ciertas circustancias

Snow's peace is threatened by gangs that will not even think in shoot for some money, and that threatened Serah's life
La paz de Snow es amenazado por gansters que no dudaran en disparar por algo de dinero, y eso amenaza la vida de Serah

As you know, Snow is a HERO, and his will is eliminate all the threat that threatenen their happyness.
Como sabes, Snow es un héroe y su voluntad será eliminar todas las amenazas que amenazan su felicidad

To live in peace like he always dreams... you must help to he to realize a complete gangsters elimination.
Para vivir en paz como él siempre soñó... deberás ayudarlo a realizar una completa aniquilación de gangsters

Can you do it?
Podrás hacerlo?

SNOW 1.0

Mediafire: Snow Villiers 
  PASS: ffxiiisnowbyencyclo



PASS: ffxiiisnow2.0

Hope enjoy too much because this character took me all my free saturday. And please, don't forget to comment.

Special thanks to Diego for give me the Snow model.

Regards =)


  1. Kaitachimaru HatachiaMarch 17, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    Thanks, I'm downloading everything (it all looks very cool. ^_^ (I still don't understand why people don't comment -_-)

    1. Hi, that doesn't matter because you coment already n_n. Enjoy it, you're welcome =3

  2. Cool, man... I like all of your mods... and actually I downloaded all of them. I've been searching for anime mods and this is where I got most of them. Thanks, man.. You're awesome..

    1. Actually, I was hoping that you could do other final fantasy models at from FF7 until FF13 since I'm a big fan of final fantasy series. But it seems you have a lot of difficulties. But nevermind about that. All of these models are great and I like them all... Thanks a lot