Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Rock Star Shooter IS HERE!!!

It's my pleasure to announce this, i finally fix 100% this models and now they are ready to smash everything in YOUR GTA SA

Black Rock Shooter is Here!!! But That is NOT ALL!! Guess, her best FRIEND/ENEMY "Death Master" Has came too!! /o/ Hell yeah.

Kuroi Mato has a kind of spirit that live in her dreams, herself. That Spirit is called Black Rock Star Shooter, and is an awesome fighter.

In a weird world, she must save her friend of the darkness

 From the other side...
She's waiting...

To finish this once for all

Who will be the winner?

Or may be...

Can you save the both and become friends like in the old times?

It's your choise.

PASSWORD: brsdmbyencyclo

Enjoy! and don't forget to read the "readme".

Have fun!! =)

@Dan4Master: Request is done


  1. haha yeah... el alter ego de miku hace su aparicion... hermosos modelos gracias y buena suerte con tu blog colega...!!!

  2. @Teddy: =)! Me alegro que te guste. Intento hacer los modelos tan perfectos como puedo. Por eso tardo en algunas ocasiones. Sin embargo supongo que vale la pena, ya que no conosco a más nadie que haga esto ^_^.

    Bueno gracias a ti también por comentar y visitar mi blog. Eres bienvenido. Saludos :)

  3. can u make BRS' hair to be blue?

  4. How blue? Dark Blue, light blue? show me some picture with the color that you want and i'll see what i can do 4 u


    this blue :3

  6. I will try to make that model again. The last time i couldn't make it (there were a weird error that didn't see the correct texture).

    But i'll try again with some method. Sorry for the late answer.


  7. Well... honestly... im little disappointed with the boobs... but... lets not seeing this in that factor... and this is awesome... it'c cute...

  8. Hehe, but in the ova i never see she got too boobs ^^. And the original model is like that, i can't do nothing. But is like u say, she's cute like that

  9. como pongo la oz de esta dead master

  10. Muy sencillo pon el DeathMasterOZ.dff en la imagen img y como DeathMaster.dff y DeathMasterOZ.dff las 2 necesitan DeathMaster.txd lo que tienes que hacer es poner DeathMasterOZ.dff y poner DeathMaster.txd solo que a DeathMaster.txd tienes que renombrarlo y ponerle DeathMasterOZ.txd y te quedaria DeathMasterOZ.dff y DeathMasterOZ.txd (en teoria asi es como deberia funcionar)

  11. una pregunta como pongo la oz, ya intente lo de arriba pero se traba el juego, ayuda porfa, por cierto es blog esta genial!!

  12. Estoy ciego yo creo, no veo donde bajar a dead master o es que vienen junto con black rock shooter? Y por cierto amo tu blog, ya van muchas cosillas que me bajo de el

  13. Cool! Really Cool! Thanks man!

  14. the password didn't work,,can you help me please....

  15. overall, I like this mod.. by the way, can you make Black Gold Saw's skin for GTA SA?

  16. Hey man I've been thinking of giving her a Black Suit like those mafias wear.

    Can I 'edit' her?